our Building Process…

The IronStyle Process

Our goal is to make the construction process simple, hassle-free, and personable. We achieve this goal through careful planning, attention to detail, open communication, and an unyielding belief in taking care of people honestly and fairly.

Our Process

Getting Started

We want to know you and your vision for your house. That’s why we meet with you, discuss design ideas, and learn more about your budget. This vision discussion meeting will help you understand our perspective and how we work

The Proposal

Based on budget, floor plan, and preferences we create a detailed proposal. We strive to match your ideas closely. After you look review the proposal, you can sign it or share your thoughts on it.

Meet The Team

At IronStyle Homes, we understand that it’s essential to know the team that’s going to work on your dream home. So we help you become familiar with the core members involved in your project.


Once you sign the proposal, the construction process will begin. Our team stays in touch with you to constantly update you about the progress of the project. Whether things are moving fast or at a standstill, we keep you in the loop at all times.


Your opinion and ideas are the foundation of our work. In the collaboration phase, our design team meets with you to discuss baseboards, cabinetry, finishes, and more. We ensure that everything is in line with the budget and the design plan.

Welcome Home

In the final stage, we install showers, fixtures, mirrors and implement the final interior and exterior design ideas. After this, the home is cleaned and made ready for you to move in! What are you waiting for? Let’s start the work on your future home!!

For more details or a private tour of the property, contact:

Austen Colt
IronStyle Homes Marketing, Design & Sales Representative.

(918) 808-7522